Etix Everywhere announces new Lille data centre

Global data centre operator Etix Everywhere has announced a partnership with Eura DC that will see it launch a new data centre in Lille, France.

The new Etix Lille #1 data centre is set to go live in September 2017 and will bring with it a tier 3-plus architecture consistent with all Etix Everywhere data centres.

The first phase of the new centre will host 100 racks, with an IT capacity of 1,200kVA across four rooms of 240 square metres. It will also contain 200sqm of office space.

Initial work on Etix Lille #1 in January, with the building expected to be fully constructed by the end of May. It follows similar builds across France and Morocco, plus ongoing constructions on two facilities in Brazil and Belgium.

“This data centre is a new example of our regional expansion strategy,” explains Louis Blanchot, sales manager of Etix Everywhere France. 

“The project is co-financed by Etix Everywhere and Eura DC. Once the data center is up and running, each partner is in charge of commercialising the infrastructure and developing their own colocation offers, as well as assisting local companies in their digital transformation.“

Etix claims the Lille site will serve as a crossroads between Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, London and Paris.

Etix has partnered with Eura DC on the project. Eura is a joint venture between IT companies ATE and ARD-COM, two firms who both have a strong presence in the north of France.

“The combination of our respective expertise ensures we meet all spectrum needs for externalisation that the companies from our region or from elsewhere face or will face,” says Rahif Daher, CEO of ARD-COM. “Etix Everywhere offers housing, and ARD-COM enhances the offer with a broad panel of high value-added services.”

“The north of France has a favorable climate for free cooling and excellent connectivity,” added Maxence Rousseau, CEO of ATE. “These two advantages make the area a solid alternative choice to the Paris area. This data center is a critical instrument to assist local but also blue chip companies in their IaaS strategy, expanding our public and private cloud infrastructure.“