AMC relocates HQ to Beirut, Lebanon

AMC has announced that as of March 1, 2017, it moved operations and its head office to Beirut, Lebanon.

Ali Chami, general manager of AMC TEL SIA, told Capacity: "In AMC, as we strive to continuously search for, implementing new and innovative services and practices to our customers, aligning with our mission to exceed the expectations of our customers by creating a strong relationship with them, while maintaining high integrity in all we do, we have made some changes to the way we do business. Hence, we are delighted to announce the move.

"By doing so, we are moving closer to the hub of telecom in the Middle East, and closer to our partners in success in the same field operating out of the same region, while increasing the level of calibre doing our business, we are also hiring some experts with high competency in telecommunications as a business and a line of business."

This move also will allow AMC to expand business and operations across EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

In other news, VANRISE company is going to be its partner for hosting and billing system moving forward.