PCCW Global partners with DHQ Tech on smart city project

PCCW Global has partnered with Zhuhai Da Hengqin Technology Development Company (DHQ Tech) on a project that will turn the Chinese city of Hengqin into a “smart city”.

Hengqin, which is located 34 miles from Hong Kong, is one of China’s Pilot Free Trade Zones. The partnership aims to turn the city into a global business and communications hub.

PCCW Global has struck a memorandum of understanding with DHQ Tech to leverage the former’s international network footprint to position Hengqin as a strategic gateway for China and the rest of the world.

The partnership will see PCCW Global involved in designing a smart city infrastructure, which will include operations, ICT consultancy and regional mobile payment services.

PCCW Global will also be involved in offering support for government, tourist, big data, education, health, and safety initiatives within the city. 

Marc Halbfinger, chief executive officer of PCCW Global, said: “PCCW Global’s technological know-how and vast international infrastructure will be key to further developing Hengqin as a globally leading Smart City. 

“As a global telecommunications company, we are also excited by the opportunities Hengqin will bring to the region, and thus we are studying the feasibility of setting up a new local office in the Hengqin Pilot Free Trade Zone.”