A day in the life of Mary Stanhope, VP of global marketing at Global Capacity

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Hearing Global Capacity’s plans for the year was truly insightful when Capacity met Mary Stanhope at the Metro Connect event in Miami as the business is set to go truly global this year.

In October, Global Capacity expanded its international market presence with a PoP in Equinix’s TR2 data centre in Toronto, “but more PoPs will surface in 2017,” declares Stanhope, “as we look east into Europe and south into Latin America this year, while a PoP in Asia won’t be too far behind”. 

Global Capacity already delivers services and conducts international business in 92 countries, but “the addition of these PoPs will give enterprises an opportunity to expand internationally with less risk”.

Stanhope has been in multiple meetings but still makes time for Capacity, and starts revving with boundless enthusiasm as she maps out Global Capacity’s journey to building out the network edge to meet its customer connectivity demands. 

“We’ve expanded the network edge, increasing the density of our nationwide Ethernet services footprint, satisfying the growing demand for hybrid and SD-WAN network solutions. We’ve made EoC and AsyE services available to an additional 302,188 new commercial addresses in 264 cities across 36 metro markets.”

Fixed wireless is of huge interest to Global Capacity, Stanhope says. “We look at it as another connectivity method that we can bring into a hybrid network with more capacity, ability, and options at the edge for customers.”

“We’ve got a pretty aggressive focus in 2017 on increasing our density, extending our geographical coverage, virtualising the network and adding more enterprise products with our One Marketplace platform,” Stanhope says. It’s increasingly exciting, she adds, as is the prospect of 5G: “It’s a lot closer than we originally expected. We originally thought it would be 2020, but it’s probable it’ll be 2018 in certain markets. 5G will become another metric, but if it does everything it could potentially do, 5G could tip legacy backbones into true legacy. Will data destinations become the new metros? It’s fascinating to see how it will evolve and shake-up the metro.”