K3 Telecom launches triple play solution in Liberia

Swiss operator K3 Telecom has launched fixed line, broadband and IP TV services in Liberia using its Air Lastmile solution.

K3 is promising internet speeds at a much lower cost than those currently on offer in the African nation, having now launched a triple-play bundle.

The operator will provide voice over IP and quality internet connectivity across its IMS service, with a transmission range of up to 50km and the ability to offer speeds of up to 300Mbps to up to 15,000 end users.

K3 said it is aiming to use existing fibre infrastructure in Liberia by offering a last mile solution to connect homes and businesses.

However, the Swiss operator ruled out launching a mobile service or competing directly with local mobile services providers, as its service is only available in homes or offices.

Ernest Boakai, CEO of K3 Telecom Liberia, said: “Our technology arrives to solve the many challenges being faced by Liberia in terms of last mile fibre delivery. It allows Liberia to tap into and complete the massive fibre optic infrastructure available on its shores.”