Ooredoo Tunisie to peer at DE-CIX Palermo IX

Ooredoo Tunisie has signed a contract to peer its IP traffic through DE-CIX’s internet exchange (IX) in Palermo, Italy.

The North African network operator is now able to access and directly exchange traffic with other networks and in-demand content providers at DE-CIX Palermo.

“Through peering at DE-CIX Palermo, we are significantly reducing our IP transit and network costs and gain more control over our routing,” said Hatem Mestiri, CTO of Ooredoo Tunisie. 

“On top, we are enhancing the end-user experience for our customers. We have chosen DE-CIX as we value the company’s long term knowledge in peering and interconnection services and their high level service support.” DE-CIX was named the best internet exchange at the 2016 Global Carrier Awards.

DE-CIX Palermo is a gateway to the African continent and is situated just 5ms to 15ms from North Africa, offering access and a low latency path to African, Middle Eastern and Asian markets via multiple and diverse submarine cable systems.

Sicily Hub is the strategic location in accessing the cable landing stations in Sicily; in addition, Sicily Hub is served by the TI Sparkle tier 1-grade IP transit service, Seabone.

Last month, Turknet connected its network to DE-CIX Istanbul to cope with the flow of its growing international data traffic and DE-CIX also announced that its Dallas data centre-neutral IX is now operational at Infomart’s Dallas building.