NBN is deploying new HFC cables in Australian suburbs

Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) has begun installing new hybrid cables in some Australian suburbs as part of the rollout of faster connectivity, according to reports.

The Register claims NBN, which is charged with delivering last-mile broadband to Australian homes and businesses as a wholesale provider to retail operators, is installing hybrid fibre coax (HFC) in order to ensure each area with a rollout uses the same technology where possible.

The new development was spotted by a Register reader, who noticed a “when am I getting the NBN?” checking tool revealed it was available in their area, when previously the nearest access to HFC had been around 300 metres away.

Nbn reportedly told The Register that it is conducting “‘infill’ of parts of HFC areas that were never covered and ‘extension’ into new areas (often right next to streets where HFC is already deployed).”

NBN first launched commercial services of HFC in July of last year. It is designed to provide fibre-optic connectivity to 93% of Australian homes and businesses by the end of the 10-year roll-out. The remaining 7% will be covered through fixed satellite and wireless technologies.