Body that created NFV starts work on artificial intelligence

The organisation that began the virtualisation revolution in telecoms has begun work on bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to the industry.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has created a group of industry experts to create a specification for how AI can help carriers improve network services and security.

ETSI is the organisation that five years ago produced the original plan for network functions virtualisation (NFV), after requests from a number of leading carriers that wanted to reduce their spend on equipment and increase its flexibility.

This time the initiative is coming from vendors, ETSI director general Luis Jorge Romero told Capacity at Mobile World Congress (MWC). Huawei, Samsung and Xilinx are the initial members, along with universities in China and Luxembourg.

“But when we started the virtualisation programme we expected 25 members and it turned out to be 250,” said Romero.

The first meeting of the new group – called the experiential network intelligence industry specification group – will take place at ETSI’s headquarters at Sophia Antipolis in the south of France early next month. It has an initial two-year work programme.

“This group of companies came to us, saying it’s about time that we could use AI to help us provide better help to operators with network resources,” said Romero. “We will be taking into account the impact of 5G as well.”