Ruckus Wireless, Intersection sign global connectivity partnership

Ruckus Wireless, Intersection sign global connectivity partnership

Brocade’s Ruckus Wireless business unit and Intersection have partnered with the aim of bringing free high-speed connectivity to cities and transit hubs around the globe.

Ruckus’ smart wireless solutions will enable the urban experience company, which is the lead firm behind LinkNYC, to deliver connected, seamless and human experiences across, with tangible benefits for city operations. The project will deliver free connectivity with a viable, advertising supported business model.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Intersection, which enables premier smart city projects like LinkNYC, one of the largest and fastest free public Wifi network in the world, which will soon extend to London and cities across the United Kingdom,” said Dan Rabinovitsj, COO of the Ruckus Wireless Business Unit at Brocade.

“The use of our Smart Wireless solutions, including carrier grade controllers, adaptive antenna technology and location based services, allows Intersection to continue to deliver more connected, seamless and human experiences across digital and physical worlds while also improving city operations.”

The engagement between Ruckus and Intersection delivers free, sustainable connectivity through the convergence of world-class wireless technology, digital services and a viable business model supported by advertising.

Colin O’Donnell, chief innovation officer of Intersection, added: “Ruckus has been a great partner in helping to build the fastest Wifi network on the planet. We’ve already seen success in New York and are gearing up to bring the fastest available Wifi and digital innovation to new cities and communities around the world.”

The news comes after it was announced that ARRIS was set to buy Ruckus Wireless from Broadcom in an $800 million deal.