UPC Poland looks to enter FTTH wholesale market

UPC Poland has completed tests that could see it enter the wholesale fibre-to-the-home market, according to reports.

The cable provider has worked with an external partner to test access services on its fibre network, which covers 12,000 households in Poland, claims.

The Liberty Global Europe subsidiary is one of the largest cable television and broadband providers within Poland. The move into wholesale would be a first for the provider, which has 2.8 million customers.

If an agreement is reached with the partner, who has not been named, it will give UPC access to the partner’s fibre network.

“We are guided by a demand-model,” UPC board member Jerzy Golebiowski told “If we expect demand for our services, we build the network and try to win customers. The existence of competition rather confirms that the demand exists. We focus on infrastructure competition. We believe that it is worthwhile to build your own network.”

UPC is currently undergoing a large expansion of its services in Poland, but it has traditionally focussed on laying fibre to buildings, with the vertical network implemented through coaxial cables.