Deutsche Telekom ICSS’s DVX now fully compatible with smartphones and tablets

Deutsche Telekom ICSS’s DVX now fully compatible with smartphones and tablets

Deutsche Telekom ICSS’s state of the art pay-as-you-go wholesale voice termination platform, Access to Dynamic Voice Exchange (DVX), is now fully compatible for smartphones and tablets.

Customers can route voice traffic across Deutsche Telekom’s high-quality global voice network from anywhere to anywhere at any time.

With an all new front-end user interface, customers can manage their wholesale voice business with even more flexibility and transparency than before. Since its launch in late 2015, DVX has enjoyed immense success and Deutsche Telekom ICSS has gained more than 150 customers for the new service within the first year alone. Developed in association with RTX, the outsourcing partner for global telcos, DVX provides quick access to Deutsche Telekom’s high-performance network, flexible configuration of voice interconnect and seamless connectivity to destinations around the world. DVX is the most financially secure platform available thanks to RTX’s integrated real-time banking solution.

Tamas Sandor, head of global voice at Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions, says: “I am happy to introduce our new DVX website interface, a secure switching and settlement platform for our wholesale customers by RTX which – now providing full mobile responsiveness – will enhance our customers’ user experience when they access the platform from any device. It provides them with the flexibility to use the service whenever and wherever they are.”

“Adding the full mobility component to DVX further enhances what is already the most secure voice and settlement platform featuring the fastest on-boarding process in the industry. This has contributed to the stunning success enjoyed by DVX over the last twelve months,” adds Miles Esfahani, managing director RTX Routetrader.