Telia Carrier expands global backbone to Zagreb with new PoP

Telia Carrier expands global backbone to Zagreb with new PoP

Telia Carrier has expanded its global backbone to Zagreb, boosting connectivity for Central Eastern European (CEE) and Balkans countries.

It has established a new point of presence in Croatia, providing wholesale IP transit and Ethernet services for carriers in the region.

The new PoP means Telia Carrier has expanded the reach of its global IP backbone, AS1299, to Croatia and adjacent countries, making the capital a conduit for connectivity in the Balkans.

The AS1299 backbone is the first in both Europe and North America to be 100G-enabled, according to the carrier, transmitting 1Tb/s on its US arm.

Dyn Research ranked AS1299 as one of the top two global IP backbones, and the carrier connects more than 200 PoPs across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

“Telia Carrier is dedicated to delivering a responsive, connected experience to address the continued demand in the Eastern European market,” said Jerzy Wilisowski, director of sales, Europe at Telia Carrier. 

“By moving into Zagreb, in addition to existing PoPs in Budapest and Vienna, Telia Carrier strengthens its presence in a high growth IP transit market in Croatia, and improves the customer experience for those using online gaming and content services provided in the region.”