USA FIBER to extend Ashburn network to 900k sq ft Sabey data centre

USA FIBER to extend Ashburn network to 900k sq ft Sabey data centre

USA FIBER is to provide open access infrastructure to Sabey Data Centers’ latest data centre by extending the Ashburn Ring network within the 900,000 sq ft Intergate.Ashburn campus.

The Ashburn Ring, a 7.2-mile underground conduit network with multiple 864 count fibre-optic cables, provides dark fibre and conduit services and anchors as the key destination of USA FIBER’s The Ashburn Express cable system, connecting Ashburn to Baltimore, MD, US.

“Not only is USA FIBER bringing the Ashburn Ring directly to the Sabey Data Center, we are making our Peering Ring available, which enables leading companies to connect between any of the Ashburn data centres across their own dedicated buffer tube,” said John Schmitt, chief revenue officer at USA FIBER.

“Customers can pick and choose which locations to interconnect, and have the flexibility to move without penalty. This scale and architecture allows for simple, cost effective and secure connectivity across the key service providers located in the market, including IP services, CDN, and cloud infrastructure.”

Carriers at the Intergate.Ashburn will use three separate and discrete paths from the street; ensuring customers ultimate protection. Within the data centre there will be two separate communications equipment rooms and two separate meet me rooms for carrier interconnectivity.

Daniel Meltzer, Sabey Data Centers’ vice president of sales & leasing, said: “USA Fiber’s Ashburn Ring links the key data centres, cloud computing platforms and high technology companies in the market. Their Ashburn Express route will connect Ashburn directly with Baltimore, MD, bypassing Washington, D.C. and its inherent latency and network risks. At present, all other major carriers’ routes cross into Washington, D.C., USA FIBER will see significant customer adoption on this unique route given the requirements for performance, diversity and uptime being pushed in the market by government, enterprise and service providers.”

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