Australian ISP Exetel launches in the UK

Australian ISP Exetel launches in the UK

Australia’s largest internet service provider (ISP) Exetel has launched broadband data and voice over IP (VoIP) services in the UK, targeting SMEs.

Exetel, which has been operating in Australia for over 12 years and has over 120,000 services in operation, has teamed up with Virtual1 and other wholesale providers to launch its solutions to small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers.

“Exetel’s entry into the UK will see the lowering of the costs of data services for businesses, changing the shape of the industry. Being an SME ourselves, and highly familiar with the UK market, we understand the importance of agility, speed, and of course affordability,” said Richard Purdy, CEO of Exetel.

“With many of our existing clients having a presence in both markets, this expansion is a logical step for us. The UK market is undergoing a seismic shift as more than 3.2 million ISDN lines will have to transition to VOIP in the next 10 years following the decision by BT to phase out ISDN services.”

Purdy says that Virtual1, a network operator delivering cloud and connectivity services exclusively to the wholesale market, is the ideal partner for Exetel to launch into the UK, which “has always been the next logical step for our business”. He said: “We look forward to replicating the success that we have achieved in Australia in the UK market.”

Simon Durrant, business development director at Virtual1 added: “We are pleased to welcome Exetel on board as a key partner. Their commitment to the SME market through their low cost, high-speed voice and data solutions will help enable us to bring our businesses closer together. It’s great to be working with a partner so focussed on a key business market and we look forward to a successful future for them as they enter the UK market.”