Bulgaria's Neterra to build €3m data centre

Bulgaria's Neterra to build €3m data centre

Bulgaria’s Neterra plans for 2017 include building a €3 million data centre, opening an office in Istanbul, Turkey, and launching a new teleport for satellite communications.

Neterra is set to open an office in the Turkish city, which straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait, as the company sees vast “opportunities for growth in the country’s market,” said Neven Dilkov, Neterra CEO said at a recent press conference.

“We have already decided to build a data centre [based in Bulgaria] in 2017 as the current capacity is not sufficient. We will also decide on building another one during the same year; the details will become clear within two months,” Dilkov said.

Dilkov said the company provides services in 19 countries and “over 90% of international telecommunication operators in the region rely on Neterra”. The company, which provides leased lines in Central and Eastern Europe, is not only looking to acquire domestic firms in Bulgaria but has growing interests in Asia, “particularly the Chinese market”.

Dilkov alluded to Neterra’s plans to also launch a new teleport for satellite communications in 2017.