Highwinds choses CenturyLink to provide data centre and networking services

Highwinds choses CenturyLink to provide data centre and networking services

Global content delivery network (CDN) provider Highwinds has chosen hybrid IT provider CenturyLink to provide their data centre hosting and network services.

CenturyLink will support Highwinds in optimising its high-capacity CDN, which delivers content to millions of end users worldwide, with traffic spikes from streaming viral videos, games releases, online shopping, advertising and delivery of software, apps and websites.

“In media, entertainment, gaming and beyond, Highwinds enables users to access content immediately, whether it’s a mobile app, online game or rich media,” said Jason Griner, vice president of carrier relations, Highwinds. “We take this commitment seriously, and CenturyLink helps us continue to keep all our customer promises.”

CenturyLink’s data centre hosting services and network services enable Highwinds to better focus its resources on continued innovation and customer service. Since moving into two of CenturyLink’s nine data centres at the start of the year, Highwinds as seen a reduction in hosting costs by almost 50%.

David Meredith, senior vice president, global data centre at CenturyLink, added: “In today’s digital world, businesses and consumers alike have drastically increased needs for reliable, secure connectivity. In order to meet these demands, organizations must be able to address fast-changing customer requirements. Highwinds is not only doing this; it’s also taking an innovative approach to stay ahead of the curve.”