Thuraya invests in new satellite expansion

Thuraya Telecommunications is expanding and launching new devices including an enhanced product portfolio and new L- band satellites.

Thuraya Telecommunications is extending its geographical reach, moving into new market sectors and launching new services and devices including an enhanced product portfolio, new advanced L- band satellites, HTS services, ‘new wave’ IoT, content services and expanded coverage.

Samer Halawi, CEO, Thuraya Telecommunications said the company had finalized its next generation constellation plans that include an enhanced product portfolio, new advanced L- band satellites, HTS services, “new wave” IoT and content services and expanded coverage. The company is also taking financial advice about how to expand.

Thuraya's L-band network will undergo extensive evolution. While continuity is assured with both existing satellites Thuraya-2 and Thuraya-3 continuing to operate as planned, the current satellite footprint will be enhanced significantly with the launch of next-generation satellites from 2020. Thuraya's next generation system will focus on delivering high mobility services in its core and new markets. These will be complemented with High Throughput Satellite (HTS) services for bandwidth-hungry applications in land, maritime and aeronautical markets.

The constellation will be supported by highly advanced platforms for the provision of "new wave" IoT and content services, with multicasting and broadcasting capabilities. This will enable Thuraya to address new growth markets requiring the mobility, capability, and coverage that is uniquely available through L-band or HTS services, or in many instances through a combination of both.

Samer Halawi, Chief Executive Officer of Thuraya, said: "Thuraya will become the provider of choice for unified connectivity through an extensive program of expansion and diversification. Unrivaled and uncompromised new generation L-band and complementary HTS form the basis from which we will aim to innovate, disrupt, and redefine. Our portfolio will transform Thuraya into a one-stop shop for L-band, HTS, IoT and GSM. New markets are now accessible to us, and new technological capabilities will deliver an unparalleled portfolio of mobile products, applications, and services."

With more than 360 roaming agreements with mobile network operators around the world, end-users already use devices interchangeably both on Thuraya's satellite network and on GSM networks worldwide.

Thuraya is also now in the process of appointing a financial adviser to begin its fundraising activities. Discussions are already in progress Thuraya said.