Finland's Elisa sees record data use thanks to Rio Olympics

Finland's Elisa sees record data use thanks to Rio Olympics

Data usage in Finland topped 13GB per data user per month in August, a record high for the country, according to Elisa’s network.

Elisa subscribers used 60 per cent more data last month than they did in August 2015, driven by interest in the Rio Olympics, the mobile provider claimed.

Over 75% of all data traffic in Elisa’s network is transmitted over 4G, having exceeded the million 4G user mark in April. The volume of 4G data used has increased by more than 110% year-on-year, Elisa VP of mobile network services Sami Komulainen claimed.

"The volume of mobile data is increasing generally, but the Rio Olympics are also the reason for the growth in August. Major sports events are always of interest to the public, and with mobile data, the events can be followed regardless of location,” he added.

“Even though streaming and the popularity of gaming are particularly significant for the growth in data volume, further increase in the capacity and coverage of the high-speed 4G network were major factors in the growth in the volume of 4G data. Already, over 98 percent of Finns live in areas covered by Elisa's 4G network.”

The announcement came just days after Elisa claimed to have set a new record speed for 4G connections.

On August 31, Elisa said it had achieved speeds of 1.9Gbps on a test network, claiming this is the fastest speed on record. It used technology from Huawei to deliver the speeds, which is more than six times the speed of its fasted commercial performance (300Mbps).

Elisa also boasted ofhitting fixed line speeds of 880Mbps on its commercial network using technology in tests carried out in May.