C&W, Ericsson, Cisco team up to install Caribbean IP networks

C&W Communications has signed agreements with Ericsson and Cisco to install three IP Caribbean networks that will serve as a backbone for IPTV services, fixed operations and business-to-business (B2B) services.

Ericsson and Cisco will deliver a new B2B IP/MPLS network for C&W, which operates the retail brand Flow, in Jamaica and Barbados. An IP backbone network in the Bahamas will also be upgraded to support traffic growth and improve performance on the fixed network.

"We needed a powerful and intelligent solution to bring IP networking to both Jamaica and Barbados, while at the same time improving the IP network in the Bahamas," says Carlo Alloni, executive vice president and CTIO at C&W. "This partnership will allow us to offer even more value-added services including our world class IPTV services as well as introduce more innovative solutions to our customers."

The partnership is part of C&W's investment plan for the region to continue transforming its customer experience. As part of the partnership, Cisco will provide the necessary hardware while Ericsson will provide project management services.

Clayton Cruz, vice president of Ericsson Latin America and Caribbean, added: "Our teams complemented each other with the right approach, from network analysis and planning to systems integration and customer support from Ericsson, to selecting the right routers and switches from Cisco, and finally ensuring the right flow along every step with Ericsson services.

The partnership has accelerated C&W’s IP transformation by combining end-to-end business transformation competence and experience with deep product and domain expertise. The deal includes Cisco routers and switches (ASR9000, ASR900 and WR4500 families), supply and installation of NMS system (EPN-M), overall project management, and customer support.

"Working together on this project will lead Cable & Wireless to a standardised approach across other markets, so that all their business-to-business and IP fixed networks will be supported by IP/MPLS, helping them do things better and faster,” said Jordi Botifoll, Cisco president for Latin America and senior vice president in the Americas.

Ericsson and Cisco formed a global business and technology partnership back in November 2015 to create the networks of the future, offering: routing, data centre, networking, cloud, mobility, management and control, and global services capabilities.

The Cisco-Ericsson partnership has been cleared by Brazilian regulatory authorities and will be implemented there under local agreements. Deals with 3 Italy, Vodafone Portugal and Aster Dominican Republic were announced earlier this year.