France-IX and BICS partner to accelerate internet peering

France-IX has today announced a strategic partnership with BICS to accelerate remote internet peering adoption on its Marseille and Paris internet exchanges (IXs).

To meet demand for interconnection between its Paris and Marseille-based digital gateways, which offers internet peering services to over 320 networks, to the Middle East and Africa (MEA), France-IX has partnered with BICS to enables carriers, ISPs, CDNs, and other networks to utilise its convergence hubs and connect seamlessly through BICS. 

The company claims the partnership provides increased bandwidth granularity with increments as small as 100Mbps and faster deployment times as fast as 2 business days, and cost savings of up to 50% per month. 

“Our backbone solution is a one-stop-shop for customers across the globe,” said Ievgen Martsin, product manager of capacity and IP at BICS.

“It brings a simple solution to build peering relationships within the France-IX platform via a single port, while drastically reducing costs. This is achieved by limiting the equipment and dedicated transport resources required and streamlining the number of partners needed, without losing overall SLA”.

Networks in the MEA region that use the French internet peering service provider’s Marseille or Paris IXs can now peer in other cities using BIC’s remote peering solution, which, the company claims, reduces the time-to-market for its members from weeks to days. 

Traditionally, major carriers and Internet players have deployed infrastructure in both cities requiring multiple suppliers, significantly increasing cost of entry and time of deployment. The France-IX/BICS model requires a single cross-connect to a single France-IX port and the activation of one service with BICS.

Franck Simon, managing director of France-IX, added: “We have a significant opportunity to accelerate France-IX growth and the value it brings to its members with BICS’ quality assets and worldwide scale. This gives France-IX the opportunity to focus on its initial mission: increase the quality of the Internet in France and its promise to provide innovative solutions to its community.”

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