EU’s net neutrality guidelines to be unveiled on August 30

EU’s net neutrality guidelines to be unveiled on August 30

The net neutrality consultation by EU telecom regulator Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) has closed and has attained almost “half a million contributions”.

The public consultation on the draft BEREC guidelines on the implementation by national regulators of European net neutrality rules concluded on July 18, 2016. “The number of contributions received before the deadline is unprecedented for a BEREC consultation, reaching almost half a million submissions,” the body said.

The BEREC office is presently processing the contributions received and plans to finalise guidelines “in order for all relevant information to be efficiently submitted for adoption by the BEREC board of regulators on 25 August 2016”.

Information on the outcome and on the final net neutrality guidelines will be release on August 30, 2016.

The news comes after 17 European telcos presented a 5G manifesto aimed at developing and deploying the technology across the region. Within the report, the operators claim that launching 5G in every EU by 2020 will not be possible if net neutrality rules are not relaxed by the Commission.