AT&T launches global NFV enterprise service

AT&T launches global NFV enterprise service

AT&T has rolled out the third service on its Network on Demand platform, which uses a single universal piece of equipment at a customer’s premise to deliver virtualised functions and enables businesses to flexibly manage their network services.

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The first capabilities on offer on the carrier’s Network Functions on Demand service come from Juniper Networks (virtual routing), Cisco (virtual router), Fortinet (virtual security) and Riverbed (virtual WAN optimisation).

“Building networks by deploying network functions in software is a major shift in network design,” said Ralph de la Vega, vice chairman of AT&T and CEO of AT&T Business Solutions and International.

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“We’ve broken through traditional, cost-prohibitive barriers. Our software platform delivers a simple, flexible and efficient experience for any business, virtually anywhere and anytime they need it.”

AT&T Network Functions on Demand simplifies the process of buying and adding network functions, such as a router of firewall, which is often “expensive, cumbersome and takes too long”. Businesses no longer need to buy multiple appliances to run specific networking functions as the new service has reduced hardware requirements to create a simple, more agile network experience.

Software-defined network (SDN) technology is behind the AT&T Network on Demand platform, which simplifies network operations, offers security and scalability, and helps improve total cost of ownership.

One enterprise that says it the service has successfully transformed its business is Fisher & Paykel. “We can launch, change and manage network functions in our offices around the world quickly and easily,” said Jon White, general manager of information technology at the global appliance manufacturing company.

“We often talk about simplifying our on-site network infrastructure upgrades and deployments – this solution checks that box. It will not only provide us with visibility and control to drive down IT and operations costs, but also help us quickly respond to evolving business needs.”

Since its launch in 2015, AT&T’s Network on Demand platform already services 1,200 businesses and its latest service will save costs for businesses in 76 countries and territories.