Angola Cables seeks infrastructure co-share with Telebras

Angola Cables seeks infrastructure co-share with Telebras

Angolan state-run company Angola Cables has offered to co-share with Brazilian operator Telebras a submarine cable landing station and data centre being built in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Telebras is presently constructing a submarine cable that could potentially connect with both the station and data centre.

Angola Cables and Telebras previously partnered in South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) but the latter pulled out as a result of a limited budget as well as a change in its strategic priority – moving from Africa to Europe.

Angola Cables CEO Antonio Nunes said: "It was a natural process of financial prioritisation [by Telebras]. They pulled out from the Brazil-US and the Brazil-Africa projects, prioritising the route to Europe. We carried on with our own project. There was no incompatibility, nor does this means we cannot work with Telebras again.” 

Nunes added that its offer to co-share with Telebras is presently under review and a deal has yet to be confirmed. 

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