Unitel launches VoLTE with single radio voice call continuity

Unitel has launched its VoLTE technology through its 4G network in Luanda, Angola.

This is the operator’s first call through its LTE network with continuity of the call in case of handover. The technology is said to enable voice calls in high definition, reduce call setup time and provide the ability to use data and voice simultaneously in LTE network.

“This is an innovative solution, with clear advantages for Unitel’s customers, that also improves the efficiency of the network. This solution is in line with our continuous focus on delivering high quality innovative services to our customers,” said Amilcar Safeca, CTO of Unitel. 

Unitel will expand its branded handsets to include VoLTE technology. The company claims to be the first mobile operator to introduce VoLTE with single radio voice call continuity in Africa.

The commercial launch of VoLTE is scheduled for the first quarter of 2016.