Denmark's TDC plans one gigabit cable to 50% of Danish homes

The new CEO of Danish incumbent has announced a plan to upgrade its coaxial cable network to deliver a service of one gigabit per second to 50% of homes in Denmark.

Pernille Erenbjerg, who took over as group CEO in August 2015, also announced that its Get subsidiary in Norway will deploy superfast broadband.

She said: “We are opening a super highway of digital entertainment services, where the sky – not the speed – is the limit. Already before the end of 2017, half of all Danish households will have access to one-gigabit speeds – 10 times faster than the political objectives for the year 2020.”

The company announced that it was using Huawei technology to supply the equipment that would allow it to increase the speeds on its existing coaxial cable network.

Former CFO Erenbjerg, speaking at TDC’s capital markets day in London, added: “Based on better connections, we will deliver better solutions, supported by better customer experiences.”

The company plans to offer 10 megabits a second to “virtually all addresses in Denmark”, said TDC, as well as 100 megabits to 70% of all households up to 2018.

The company will merge its two Danish brands – with TDC fading out in preference to YouSee, already used for its cable and broadband service.

“We want to give our customers the best and most relevant products and solutions in our portfolio, which meet their needs and make their daily work easier. And we will, of course, continue to develop solutions, now on one platform,” said Erenbjerg.

According to Huawei, the technology that TDC will use is D3.1 – formerly known as Docsis 3.1 – the latest version of the system that has been used to carry internet data over cable TV networks for many years.

Zha Jun, president of Huawei’s fixed network product line, said: “Although the D3.1 industry chain is in its infancy at present, Huawei has been strategically investing its resources in this field ever since 2012. The partnership with TDC demonstrates the innovation capability and achievements of Huawei in the cable and wired broadband domain.”

CableLabs, the US cable TV industry’s joint technology organisation, certified the first D3.1 modems for use in North American networks only two weeks ago.