TIM and Kumu test full duplex relay technology

Telecom Italia (TIM) and US startup Kumu Networks have demonstrated what they claim to be the world’s first test of “full duplex relay” technology.

The demonstration, conducted in Turin, is said to have enabled the self-backhauled small cell 4G with full duplex technology solution to be tested in a live environment. 

The service allows mobile transmissions in downlink and uplink to travel at the same time and is also applicable on 4G networks using small cells in areas where there is no traditional backhaul service available.

“TIM has once again shown its ability and commitment to contributing to continuous global innovation, and confirmed its leadership position in research and development on new generation ultra broadband,” said Gabriela Styf Sjoman, head of TIM’s Engineering & TILAB.

“5G is a key network evolution towards more advanced digital services and we are not only committed to defining the standards, but also to contributing to key research and development initiatives that will be fundamental for a healthy eco-system in digital services, including the network, open platforms and services. Turin is fundamental in contributing to the research of such eco-system and once again capital of innovation thanks to the collaboration with the universities and some of the most advanced sector companies".

Full duplex -  considered a way to potentially double the speed of wireless communication - is said to be one of the most promising systems to enable the 5G network.