UNIFI Communications selects Telarix for automation

UNIFI Communications has selected Telarix’s iXLink and iXTools SaaS platform to automate its existing business operations and implement a unified call routing platform.

The Telarix SaaS platform is designed to deliver an end-to-end solution for exchanging business documents that govern how traffic routing, billing, swapping and settlement decisions are made, and help to automate these decision to ensure profitable carrier network operations.

The solution is expected to improve UNIFI’s internal operational efficiency and external service quality.

“In the rapidly changing world of technology, Telarix will allow us to be more nimble, efficient, and tactical with our operational decisions,” said Brian Crawford, VP of technology and business development at UNIFI. 

“We are looking forward to enhancing operations with the technical tools necessary to support our main strategic objective, which is to ensure profitable network operations while staying competitive with other major carriers in the market.”

The platform is also designed to allow network visibility and control which helps optimise carrier relationship buying and selling activities for voice, SMS and other network services.

“In the hyper-competitive wholesale industry, UNIFI is in a position to be much more efficient and strategic in its operations,” said Vic Bozzo, SVP of worldwide sales and marketing at Telarix.

“We are looking forward to supporting their strategic efforts, giving UNIFI the same support that we provide to other top tier carriers in the market, maximising the performance of their network operations.”

In October last year, Telarix revealed an addition to iXInsight, with the launch of its Big Data platform.