Sabey Data Center adds ZenFi to Manhattan facility

Sabey Data Center has signed a licensing agreement with New York’s ZenFi which will see the dark fibre provider deliver connectivity to Sabey’s Intergate.Manhattan facility.

Intergate.Manhattan is located in Sabey’s data centre at 375 Pearl Street in lower Manhattan and ZenFi will provide services to both its enterprise and data centre customers.

ZenFi’s access network architecture is designed to distribute dark fibre connectivity between carrier hotels, enterprise buildings, light poles and street structures, with the vision of connecting ‘Any Pair. Anywhere’.

“One of ZenFi’s unique offerings is our ability to install pole-top DAS small cell, and carrier Wifi nodes on light poles, traffic poles, street signs, and other fibre-to-the-curb applications as part of our Mobile Telecom Franchise Agreement with the City of New York,” said Ray La Chance, ZenFi president and CEO.

“The Intergate.Manhattan facility was an ideal hub to aggregate our Access Network that serves these pole-top applications. Tenants within Intergate.Manhattan can now leverage the ZenFi Network to connect anywhere in the City on a dedicated, dark fibre platform.”

Level 3 established a presence at Sabey’s Intergate.Manhattan unit in December 2013, followed by DE-CIX NY in July 2014 and AMS-IX NY in May 2015.

“We look forward to helping ZenFi realise its vision,” said John Sabey, president at Sabey Data Center Properties. “This strategic partnership will effectively empower the internet of things.”