Level 3 reaches interconnection agreement with Google

Level 3 Communications has signed a settlement-free multi-year interconnection agreement with Google.

The two companies have agreed to a ‘bit mile balance’ arrangement, which will see each party carry equitable amounts of bit miles, taking into account both the amount of traffic and the distance over which that traffic is carried by each network. It aims to help a network deliver traffic to the other network when closer to its end users.

The agreement also aims to grow the number of interconnection locations between Level 3 and Google.

"Google has and continues to invest into its infrastructure annually, delivering content and services to customers and end-users close to where they are. This infrastructure investment fundamentally enables connections to network providers all over the world, and we welcome more network providers to work with Google to establish similar agreements," said Kamran Sistanizadeh, VP of network operations for Google.

Last September, Level 3 added Google’s cloud platform to its CDN. Last year, Level 3 also entered into interconnection agreements with both Verizon and AT&T.

"Our bit mile interconnection agreement with Google highlights the importance of all networks – content-based, backbone or last mile – to achieve an equitable arrangement that benefits Internet users worldwide," said Paul Savill, SVP of core product management for Level 3. "Our companies look forward to continuing our close working relationship and are committed to providing a secure, scalable, reliable and speedy internet experience."