Aqua Comms’ AEConnect route goes live

Aqua Comms’ America Europe Connect transatlantic subsea fibre-optic cable has now gone live and is ready for commercial service.

The 5,522km route is designed to meet the growing demand for bandwidth from carriers, data centres, financial services companies and content providers, and will rival the Hibernia Express cable launched late last year.

“Envisioned to revolutionise connectivity between North America and Europe, AEConnect, now live, is the most secure transatlantic cable system in existence, providing scalable, low latency and unprecedented, high capacity connectivity across the Atlantic,” said Greg Varisco, COO at Aqua Comms.

“This next-generation transatlantic cable system, which is future-proofed against increased capacity requirements, will lower network costs and enable higher, more consistent network performance for end-users.”

AEConnect will initially support 13Tbps per fibre pair, and is fitted with stubbed branch units for further expansion. It also claims to deliver one of the lowest latency crossings in the Atlantic with a projected speed of 53.9 milliseconds.

The route allegedly traverses the minimum length of shallow water along the continental shelf on both sides of the Atlantic, and is said to be additionally secure thanks to armouring and deeper burial in the sea bed.