TI Sparkle makes major investment in Seabras-1

TI Sparkle has emerged as a major customer on the Seabras-1 cable, making a long term $300 million investment in the new route linking Brazil and the US.

The operator will take three of the six fibre pairs on Seabras-1, which is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2017 with an initial design capacity of 72Tbps.

Part of TI Sparkle’s investment also includes a branch unit in Fortaleza, Brazil as well as backhaul between New York and Miami to connect Seabras-1 to existing proprietary infrastructure.

The move marks TI Sparkle’s largest investment in an infrastructure project of this kind, which it hopes will help support the fast growing demand for capacity between North and Latin America.

“We are witnessing a surge of high capacity deals and with this latest investment we are fully able to cater to this new demand, typically coming from OTTs and content providers,” said Alessandro Talotta, chairman and CEO at TI Sparkle. “With Seabras-1, we are able to hold onto our top ranking position as best IP quality route between North and South America for quite some time.”

The company is also hoping to use the low latency route to serve financial institutions as well as the online gaming industry.

Seabras-1 is backed by Seaborn Networks, which completed its $500 million project funding for the cable just last week.

“We are very pleased to further enhance our long-term relationship with Sparkle as part of our deployment of Seabras-1,” says Larry Schwartz, chairman and CEO of Seaborn Networks. “This new system, on one of the world's most important transoceanic routes, will help to accelerate broadband development for Brazil and other South American countries."

Alcatel-Lucent began deploying Seabras-1 in September 2014, which counts Tata Communications as among its other customers.