Reliance to offer iPass to 118m customers

US wifi networking company iPass is to offer access to 50 million wifi hotspots to the customers of India’s Reliance Communications, and enabling them to avoid roaming charges.

According to iPass, Reliance customers will have unlimited access to data while travelling abroad with a single log-on via smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Gary Griffiths, president and CEO of iPass, said: “This is only the beginning of what Reliance and iPass believe is an unprecedented opportunity. With nearly one of every five people on the planet living in India, we are delighted to take the first step in an initiative that we hope will eventually help the Indian sub-continent interconnect through Wifi.”

Services will be available this quarter to all Reliance customers that have a smartphone, tablet or laptop that supports wifi. “No longer will customers need to subscribe to an expensive international cellular roaming plan or pay a security deposit for international connectivity,” said iPas, which will offer connections to hotspots in more than 100 countries. 

Gurdeep Singh, CEO of consumer business at Reliance Communications, said: “We see this as the beginning of a journey that will have exciting opportunities not only to connect our customers as they travel globally, but also expand the backbone for connecting people and intelligent devices of all kinds across India.”