AT&T launches smart cities alliances

AT&T has launched a smart cities framework which will utilise internet of things (IoT) innovations.

As part of the framework, it has formed alliances with vendors such as Ericsson, Cisco, Intel, Qualcomm Technologies, Deloitte and GE to help support the initiative. 

"We've built strong relationships with cities across the US for over 100 years," said Mike Zeto, general manager of Smart Cities, AT&T IoT Solutions. "We're continuing to be a leader in smart cities innovation. Our holistic strategy can help cities save money, conserve energy, improve quality of life, and further engage with their citizens."

AT&T will initially roll out the framework to cities and universities such as Atlanta, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Chicago and Dallas.  In addition to services that connect utility meters, street lights and water systems, the initiative will include IoT innovations in infrastructure, mobile applications and transportation.

Orvar Hurtig, head of industry & society at Ericsson, said: “Our collaboration with AT&T will help create the cities of the future in which citizens are safer, healthier and better prepared to handle the challenges of daily life. Today anything and everything that can benefit from a connection is being connected. We must determine how to integrate disparate infrastructure for the common benefit of society.”

Separately AT&T Drive and Ericsson have partnered to launch an automotive Wifi landing page service to enable consumers to manage Wifi connectivity within their vehicles.