Myanmar ready to license 4G services

Myanmar will license 4G spectrum as soon as the country’s operators are ready to introduce services, according to the deputy telecoms minister.

U Thaung Tin, quoted in the Myanmar Times, said his ministry will not deter operators from using LTE. “If operators want to launch a 4G network for their subscribers, we are ready to support the spectrum,” he said, according to the newspaper.

Myanmar — formerly Burma — has three operators that offer 3G services, state-owned MPT, and foreign-owned Ooredoo and Telenor; and all but Ooredoo also offer 2G. Another state-controlled operator, YTP, is putting a consortium together to move into the market.

Telenor said its network is 4G-ready and would consider offering 4G services if enough customers had 4G handsets. Ooredoo, speaking to the newspaper, was more cautious. The company’s Thiri Kyar Nyo said: “The quality of our 3G network is almost as high as a 4G network, so we won’t upgrade the service if only a few people will use it. If all our subscribers switch to a 4G handset, we will provide the network.”