Verizon reveals global IoT strategy

Verizon reveals global IoT strategy

Verizon has revealed a global strategy designed to simplify the internet of things (IoT) and accelerate its market adoption.

The strategy includes the launch of ‘ThingSpace’, an IoT platform which allows developers to create applications and customer to manage devices, a new dedicated network core and the commercialisation of its Big Data analytics engine.

The plan also outlines a push in Verizon’s innovation drive, as well as the introduction of three end-to-end smart cities solutions; Intelligent Video, Intelligent Lighting and Intelligent Traffic Management.

“Despite the exciting potential, IoT is still too complex, too fragmented, too expensive to connect and too hard to scale. Success in that future relies on a leader that can cut through the complexity and change the IoT model,” said Mike Lanman, SVP of enterprise products at Verizon.

“That’s where Verizon comes in. With our experience in networks, devices, platforms and applications, we are taking a holistic approach to simplifying adoption to expand the IoT market from millions to billions of connections.”

Verizon launched its strategy during an event at its San Francisco Innovation Centre where it also showcased how it is putting its IoT capabilities to work.

The company is also working on a number of other projects in the IoT space including a collaboration with Intel to pilot its agricultural platform at local winery Hahn Family Wines, a partnership with Renesas for microcontrollers as well as helping to monitor pharmaceutical products using Verizon Intelligent Track and Trace.

“These projects show the tremendous range of issues that we can attack in new ways with IoT solutions,” Lanman said.

“We look forward to engaging other customers, partners and developers through our new ThingSpace platform and helping them bring transformational ideas to market.”