Telarix launches trading platform

Telarix launches trading platform

Telarix has launched an automated trading platform targeting service providers.

Smart Links is said to automate trading between carriers by creating target buy and sell lists and utilising customisable business rules and data. The lists are automatically sent to vendors which are said to be able to create a more streamlined buying process that not only saves time, but reduces overhead costs and errors.

“Smart Links advanced technology allows carriers to look at data to formulate buy and sell lists ensuring carriers are able to execute their strategies and maximise profits and margins, ” said Vic Bozzo, SVP, sales and marketing at Telarix.

Smart Links works in conjunction with iXLink, Telarix’s business-to-business information exchange platform that enables service providers to share business documents.

In May, Telarix launched a fraud management solution aimed at providing enhanced protection for network carriers and OTT providers.