Softbank and Ericsson to conduct 5G field trials

Softbank and Ericsson to conduct 5G field trials

Softbank and Ericsson are extending a partnership to conduct joint field trials of 5G technology in Tokyo.

The companies will work together on 5G use cases and deployment scenarios as well as evaluate the performance of potential 5G key technology components in joint field trials.

The field trials are expected to demonstrate ultra-high bit rates and ultra-low latency with the Ericsson 5G trial system by using a number of frequency bands.

“As SoftBank focusses on continuous improvement of the network to the benefit of our customers, we are interested in the 5G evolution and new machine-type-communication (MTC) applications. We look forward to working with our partner to show the potential of 5G technologies via this joint trial activity,” said Tideyuki Tsukuda, senior vice president, head of mobile network unit at SoftBank.

Ericsson said it has developed antenna technologies with wider bandwidths, higher frequencies and shorter transmission time intervals, as well as radio base stations built with baseband units and radio units developed specifically for the 5G trials.

Earlier this week the vendor announced its partnership with Turkcell to collaborate on 5G research and development