Huawei contributes £956 million to UK GDP since 2012

Huawei contributes £956 million to UK GDP since 2012

Huawei is claiming to have contributed £956 million to the UK GDP over the last three years.

According to an economic impact study from Oxford Economics, the vendor is on track to meet its five year target of spending £1.3 billion in the UK.

Huawei is said to presently be supporting 7,400 jobs directly and through its supply chain in the UK.

 “Huawei is a major investor in the UK, dedicated to making sure that the UK remains a leader in the global ICT sector. Through the more than 1,000 staff we employ directly and the 6,000 employees we support through our supply chain, Huawei is showing its commitment to creating a world-class, highly skilled workforce here in the UK. Huawei will continue to invest in R&D and develop closer ties with customers, industry partners and leading British universities as we look to guide the company during its next phase of growth,” said Lord Browne, chairman of the Huawei UK Board.

Huawei announced its five year investment plan in September 2012, which briefly came under scrutiny followingsecurity concerns raised by the US.

Since 2012, Huawei has acquired the Cambridge-based IoT company Neul, opened a R&D centre in Bristol and begun developing5G technologies