SK Telecom launches open IoT platform

SK Telecom has launched its open standards-based IoT platform.

The ThingPlug platform aims to bolster growth in the IoT ecosystem based on the globally recognised oneM2M standards. 

The operator said the biggest strength of the platform lies in its application enablement and openness, which enables developers to create IoT services themselves.

Developers can build a service or app by downloading the software development kit from the ThingPlug website and combining it with their hardware, including various sensors. They can then use the service or app immediately after registering the service and device to the website, allowing others to use the service as well.

“The launch of ThingPlug, an open IoT platform based on oneM2M standards, carries a significant meaning as it allows anyone to develop an IoT service, leading to the creation of a truly enriched IoT ecosystem that brings increased value and convenience to developers across the globe,” said Alex Jinsung Choi, chief technology officer of SK Telecom. 

“To this end, we will not only work closely with the local governments, solution developers and technology institutes in Korea, but also join hands with IoT players around the world.”

In addition to supporting the oneM2M standard, SK Telecom commercialised the country’s first M2M platform in 2008, introducing business-to-government services such as remote metering. 

In 2012, it launched an open M2M platform. Since then, the operator has been working with the Korea Electronics Technology Insititute (KETI) on a government-led project to build an IoT platform based on oneM2M standards.