Poland shows support for EU's Digital Single Market at Capacity CEE

Poland shows support for EU's Digital Single Market at Capacity CEE

Bogdan Dombrowski, under-secretary of state of Poland’s ministry of administration and digitalisation, demonstrated his support for the European Union’s Digital Single Market at Capacity Central and East Europe 2015 this morning.

Delivering a keynote speech at the conference, Dombrowski said Poland is a supporter of the initiative as it will strengthen the regional economy and increase competition. 

“A uniform digital market provides consumers with better variety and access to goods, content and electronic services and the possibility to use fast, open, free and undivided internet,” he said.

“Using the internet and the common market, they can reach hundreds of millions of consumers easier, quicker than ever before."

In May, the European Commission officially adopted its Digital Single Market strategy and announced its competition inquiry into the e-commerce sector. At the same time, it also stated its intention to carry out a public consultation in relation to online platforms.

Dombrowski noted “the distance [the CEE region] has to make up” to meet EU targets, in comparison to its western European neighbours. In the latest European Commission Digital Economy Society Index (DESI), only Lithuania and Estonia were above EU average in terms of digital performance and connectivity. 

“Implementation of the activities stipulated in the Digital Market Strategy is a big chance for Europe and our region. But we have to make sure that it is uniform and [considers] the eco-distribution of benefits.”

The untapped potential of a single EU market is estimated to increase the region’s economic growth by 0.9% GDP, or €110 billion per year.