Anam launches managed A2P service

Anam launches managed A2P service

Anam has launched a managed SMS service offering designed to help mobile operators control A2P SMS traffic.

The service is designed to enable operators to monetise and maintain full control of A2P SMS traffic destined for its subscribers, helping to prevent SMS spam.

It can be used in conjunction with an operator’s existing filtering technology or combined with Anam’s SMS Firewall.The service has already been utilised by Caribbean operator Digicel Group.

“The development of the managed SMS service is designed to address some of the biggest challenges facing mobile operators. They are unable to reap the rewards of the growth in the A2P SMS market due to traffic terminating on their network without their knowledge so they cannot bill for it, and their subscribers are receiving spam,” said Brian D’Arcy, CCO at Anam.

To support the launch of the service offering, Anam has also appointed Hugh Carberry as senior commercial analyst to the managed services team. Carberry was previously employed by Telefonica O2, where his responsibilities included interconnect reconciliation and billing, premium SMS billing and settlement, direct carrier billing and A2P SMS billing.