Sponsored Q&A: Telin to be the world's hub for TIMES

Sponsored Q&A: Telin to be the world's hub for TIMES

Through innovation and collaboration, Telin realises its vision to be the world's hub for Telecommunication, Information, Media, Entertainment & Services (TIMES).

Q: What do you hope to achieve by attending ITW 2015? 

2015 is a very important year for us as we are seeing new opportunities in the market and we will work together with our existing and new partners to capture these opportunities. By attending ITW 2015, we hope we can strengthen our relationships with our partners, receive updates from the market and share information about the innovative solutions that Telin can provide.

Q: What are your strategic priorities for 2015? 

In line with our vision of being “The world’s hub for Telecommunications, Information, Media, Entertainment, and Services” we will continue our business expansion globally and increase our service quality not only to meet but also to exceed customer expectation. 

One of our important strategic initiatives in 2015 is to have Organic to Organic (O2O) partnerships with retail service providers, which offers flexibility and competitive costs for retail players to secure their position in the market. We are also expanding our service coverage and capacity through the development of new cable systems to Europe, the Middle East and the US, as well as investing in new service platforms, such as IPX. 

Q: What do you see as the major trends in the wholesale market in 2015? 

The wholesale market will continue to grow especially on the data side of the business.

We will see more and more new players enter the market since, bringing new levels of innovation and creativity. Collaboration among service providers will be crucial as no operator can stand alone in the service value chain. 

Q: Are carriers doing enough to innovate? What new service areas are you seeing as having the most potential for the carrier community? 

Carriers have been doing enough to innovate, but the market is still learning 

and discovering new levels of innovation. Services such as IPX as well as working alongside OTTs is also helping to develop innovation. 

Q: What are your views on net neutrality? What impact could debates have on the future of wholesale? 

It is normal for an incumbent to protect its position in the market. However, the market always finds a way to get the best and most efficient solution.

Incumbents will not always be able to rely on protection from the government as they also need to create policies to balance the interest of all stakeholders in the industry. The big wholesale player, which is usually the incumbent, also needs to open their door for partnerships with small players as the market becomes more fragmented.