Telinta and Voxbone extend partnership

Telinta and Voxbone extend partnership

Telinta has upgraded its integration with the Voxbone API to enable VoIP service providers to streamline the provisioning of Voxbone DIDs via Telinta’s hosted softswitch platform.

The extension is designed to allow VoIP providers to access Voxbone DIDs using the same platform they use to manage other functions for switching, billing and customer management.

“Telinta understands that our customers and their resellers require innovative cloud-based solutions to better meet the unique needs of their end users,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO at Telinta.

“Telinta customers can empower end users to build their own custom-tailored solution in the cloud, including high-quality Voxbone DIDs from around the world.”

Using Telinta’s white label solution – Virtual Office – VoIP providers will also be able to let their end users select as many Voxbone DIDs as they require to create their own customised telecoms solution in the cloud.

Voxbone delivers global, toll-free and geographically independent telephone numbers, and Hugh Goldstein, VP of strategic alliances at the company, said that Voxbone believes in a world where ordering and configuring telecoms services is as simple as buying any other service online.

“Enabling customers to access Voxbone DIDs via Telinta’s cloud-based platform supports our mission to simplify telecommunications by bringing local voice services to the cloud.”