Deutsche Telekom ICSS launches SMS fraud prevention service

Deutsche Telekom ICSS launches SMS fraud prevention service

Deutsche Telekom’s International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) unit has launched a new service designed to prevent SMS fraud, spams, spoofs, fakes, floods and ghost messaging.

The service, which is called SMS+, is said to provide operators worldwide with protection mechanisms against unpaid use of their network.

“We are launching our “SMS+” service to delight our business partners. Mobile operators will prevent subscriber churn and gain new revenue streams,” said Gergely Vadas, head of mobile services and carrier partnerships at Deutsche Telekom ICSS.

The service includes a function to identify and block unwanted SMS messaged based on SS7. Is also said to provide SMS aggregators with high-quality official routes and operators with their standard termination rates.

Additional mobile operators are said to be added continuously to extend the list of networks available.

“SMS providers and aggregators can legitimately terminate SMS to a large number of networks via one access point – so it is beneficial for all parties involved,” added Vadas.

In March, Deutsche Telekom ICSS launched its domain name system (DNS) service, ICSS Route. The service is designed to protect the availability and performance of websites and is based on a global DNS network with intelligent routing capabilities.

It includes server performance monitoring and traffic management, and is authoritative-only; meaning it does not operate in the recursive mode and is therefore immune to cache poisoning attacks and other risks.