Microsoft climbs aboard the Hibernia Express

Hibernia Networks has been selected by Microsoft to provide connectivity between Canada, Ireland and UK to support its growing data network needs.

The move will provide Microsoft with access to Hibernia Networks low latency fibre optic network, which is said to provide Microsoft customers with enhanced network capability, predictability and availability.

The route offers physical landings in three locations – Halifax in Canada, Ballinspittle in Ireland and Brean in the UK – and will support Microsoft’s data centres via multiple metro and long haul fibres. 

The partnership will also leverage Hibernia Networks’ Express cable, which will be key in supporting Microsoft’s backbone and connecting several of its data centres. The Express cable pair will yield in excess of 10Tbps per pair, which is nearly triple the 3.5Tbps per pair delivered on existing systems.

“Hibernia Networks is proud to have been selected by Microsoft to provide a key piece to their existing backbone network on our transatlantic cable system, including our new Hibernia Express cable,” said Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO at Hibernia Networks.

“Microsoft’s trust in Hibernia Networks further affirms our commitment to delivering reliable and secure content delivery. We look forward to our continued work together and to helping connect Microsoft users around the world.”