Verizon announces move to SDN

Verizon announces move to SDN

Verizon is to implement a software defined networking (SDN) infrastructure that it claims will lay the groundwork for upcoming services and applications and transform its network.

The operator’s move to a software centric network architecture is designed to introduce operational efficiencies and speed up rapid and flexible service delivery to its customers.

Verizon is working with Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Nokia Networks, Cisco and other vendors on the deployment of SDN.

In addition, they have created an SDN network architecture overview document, which includes interface specifications, reference architectures as well as requirements for both the control layer and forwarding box functions.

"Verizon and our key technology partners have always focussed on providing high-performance networks for our customers, and with this SDN architecture we will continue to ensure our network and services meet the needs of our customers, today and in the future," said Roger Gurani, Verizon’s chief information and technology architect.

Marcus Weldon, Alcatel-Lucent’s president of Bell Labs and chief technology officer believes that SDN will enable Verizon to meet the increasing demands of its customers.

"Verizon shares our vision of a future network that provides seemingly limitless capacity and is able to instantly adapt to the needs of businesses and consumers. We know this can be possible with virtualisation, SDN technology and the ability to tap into the power of a strong, tightly paired IP and optical backbone network capable of handling people's insatiable appetite to connect, share and consume content,” said Weldon.

Verizon said the project has been in the works for several years. It has created labs in San Jose, California; Tampa, Florida; Waltham, Massachusetts, and several commercial data centres on both the East and West coasts.