HKT and Huawei demo 450Mbps LTE-A

PCCW’s mobile subsidiary HKT has teamed up with Chinese vendor Huawei to demonstrate what is claimed to be the world’s first IP-RAN-based LTE-A 450Mbps solution.

The two firms hit peak data rates of 440Mbps during the live demonstration, which trialled three component carrier (3CC) inter-site LTE-A carrier aggregation (CA) across three 20MHz spectrum blocks.

CA technology allows the combined use of fragmented spectrum in order to increase data throughput.

However, many CA networks have coverage gaps due to differences between LTE sites, and Huawei’s solution is designed to enable the combination of carriers from more than one mobile site to maximise coverage area.  

“With Huawei’s advanced IP-RAN-based CA solution, HKT will be able to get the most from its frequency resources to further raise the bar to LTE-A 450Mbps by combining disparate chunks of 20MHz spectrums from different sites,” said Peter Lam, managing director at HKT Engineering.

“This will enable HKT to provide more network capacity together with a superior and unparalleled user experience.”

HKT commercially launched Hong Kong’s LTE-A 300Mbps network in December 2014, and is rolling out its LTE-A 450Mbps network using an IP-RAN-based solution. This is due to be commercially available by 2016.