TI Sparkle to offer Tranglo’s International Airtime Transfer solution

TI Sparkle to offer Tranglo’s International Airtime Transfer solution

TI Sparkle has expanded its collaboration with Tranglo to offer its International Airtime Transfer service to mobile operators globally.

The move enables TI Sparkle’s customers to transfer airtime credit to end users for over 200 mobile operators globally.

“With International Airtime Transfer we want to support the growing need of the migrant community of gifting airtime to their loved ones back home,” said TI Sparkle’s VP of marketing, Fabrizio Gorietti.

“International Airtime Transfer is a low capex intensive solution that guarantees security and speed of the transaction, and that can be easily integrated by any of our customers through APIs.”

End-users are said to be able to access International Airtime Transfer service with the recipient's mobile phone number by either sending a text message or through a mobile app.

Users then receive a message with instructions on how to complete the transaction, followed by the various denominations available to be transferred to the recipient mobile number and transaction confirmation.

According to Berg Insights, the International Airtime Transfer market will reach $4.4 billion in 2017 and Mohammad Gharayabeh, executive director of Tranglo, said that the company was proud to team up with TI Sparkle for the service.

“This tie-up will be highly strategic to penetrate the vast, untapped market potential in Europe and the Americas,” Gharayabeh said.