Deutsche Telekom ICSS launches DNS service

Deutsche Telekom ICSS launches DNS service

Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) today reveals the launch of its domain name system (DNS) service, ICSS Route.

ICSS Route is designed to protect the availability and performance of websites and is based on a global DNS network with intelligent routing capabilities.

The service includes server performance monitoring and traffic management, and is authoritative-only; meaning it does not operate in the recursive mode and is therefore immune to cache poisoning attacks and other risks.

“ICSS Route was built to cope with all the problems other systems can’t handle,” said Stephan Schröder, VP of internet and content at ICSS.

“It is a dedicated, enterprise-grade platform with extremely high performance, availability and security. Because it’s scalable and requires no up-front investment, it is also very cost-effective.”

Last October, Cloudmark also launched a specialised security platform, designed to provide carrier-grade protection against DNS threats.