Pacnet deploys Infinera’s OTS on its SDN platform

Pacnet has deployed Infinera’s Open Transport Switch (OTS) software to extend network virtualisation into the optical layer.

Pacnet deployed Infinera’s OTS with its SDN platform, Pacnet Enabled Network (PEN), which operates across its 100G trans-Pacific and trans-Asia subsea network.

The carrier’s existing Intelligent Transport Network is based on the Infinera DTN-X packet optical transport networking platform, and the combination of DTN-X and OTS is said to offer Pacnet a Layer 1 transport bandwidth on-demand service in increments of N x 10 Gbps.

The integration of Infinera’s OTS with Pacnet’s PEN is said to have taken just a few months, by leveraging a DevOps model.

“The production deployment of the Infinera Open Transport Switch to support Pacnet’s innovative new service demonstrates how an open networking approach, combined with a DevOps model, reduces time to market for new services,” said Stu Elby, SVP of cloud network strategy and technology at Infinera. 

“We believe the availability of the Infinera Open Transport Switch makes the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network the most programmable optical networking solution available, enabling our customers to rapidly develop new services with the SDN controller of their choice.”

Pacnet launched PEN in November 2013, claiming it to be the industry’s first fully-automated, SDN-based service delivery platform on Layer 2 Ethernet.

"With this deployment, Pacnet can deliver to our customers a true cloud experience to better utilise our unrivalled network assets,” said Jim Fagan, president of managed services at Pacnet.